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We are proudly to annouce that MIRANDA LASH NEW LOGO is launched today! Miranda lashes logo MIRANDA LASHESInc. is the leading manufacturer and original designer of false eyelashes based in China.Our beauty products include not only various false lashes,such as LUXURY Mink Lashes,3D Mink Fur Eyelashes,Fox Fur Lashes,Horse Hair Lashes,Human Hair Lashes,Synthetic Lashes,Eyelash Extensions,but also beauty accessories,such as Eyelash Applicators with private logo on,Different Shape Trays, Custom Lash Packaging,Lash Adhesive with private label and packaging,Makeup Brushes,Brush Trees,Lash Presentation Sticks,etc.

Luxury Mink Lashes-MLV017

MIRANDA LASHES Inc. has been cooperating with many well-known lash brands in the world.for decades.So we have plenty of experience on how to help clients build a brand quickly and how to expand your beauty lines with best sellers styles lashes.


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MIRANDA Luxury Mink Lashes MIRANDA Luxury Mink Lashes are made from the softest and most natural looking Siberian mink fur.The fur is collected from naturally shedding off minks.So it is totally cruelty free .The fur will go the cleaning procession and the ultraviolet sterilization procession before they can be really used on finished products. *Up to 25 times with careful care. *Lightweight.They make you feel the false lashes grown on your own eyelid. *Each fur has a natural beautiful tip.

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MIRANDA Horse Hair Lashes MIRANDA Horse Hair Lashes are made of professional grade horse hair.The horse hair is from horse tail part.There is totally cruetly-free.All horse hair has to go through very strict clean process and ultraviolet sterilization process. Horse Hair Lashes are more wispy and fluffy than Mink fur lashes. They are the best choice for smoky eyelashes. *Up to 25 times with careful care. *Lightweigth.They make you feel the flase lashes grown on ur own eyelid. *Each hair

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