1.Authenticity of the mink:

We guarantee that all LUXURY MINK LASHES and 3D MINK LASHES are made of 100% mink fur.
Mink fur looks more natural and extremely softer than synthetic fibers.Comparing to human hair lashes,Mink fur lashes have more natural tips and more beautiful curls.

2.100% Cruelty-Free:

We declare that we are against any animal cruelty!
Minks are shedding hair at certain period.Workers collect the fur at regular time.So it is totally unnecessary to harm the lovely animals.Absolutely no harm done to animals. All our MINK lashes products are 100% cruelty free !

3.Hygiene of Mink lashes:

A:all mink fur has to be filled in spots with clear mild water for hours to wash clean .
B: and then go through 300 degreee centigrade high temperatures process to kill most of gems.
C: Before using on the band,mink fur will be placed under Ultraviolet leds for sterilization.
All of the mink fur lashes will be placed back to the original packagings to keep them clean.

4.Use up to 25 times:
Mink fur lashes can be worn up to 25 times with proper care. The shape and curve of the lashes can remain the same even after dozens of times.

5.Natural & lightweight:
Mink Lashes have very thin and lightweigt cotton band.The furs are super lightweight ,soft ,natural and flexible, allowing you to curl it just like your own lashes

6.Easy application:
The thin and soft band of mink lash remains the curve like eyelid shape,even after being used a few times.It makes the application of lashes much easier!

1.Can MIRANDA LASHES customize eyelashes?
A:Yes,MIRANDA LASHES customize MINK LASHES,3D MINK LASHESFOX AND MINK BLENDED LASHES,HORSE HAIR LSAHES according to clients requests.We will make your lashes unique and special so that you can compete with other well-known brands.
Please note: customize eyelashes request MOQ 1000pairs.

2.Can MIRANDA LASHES customize eyelash packagings?

A:Yes,we offer various shapes lash packages with different sizes.
And surely,we also could print your logo on the packagings.
Clients need to offer LOGO or lash packaging design in .AI or .PDF in vector diagrams.ONLY .AI and .PDF files can be used for printing.

3.How long does MIRANDA LASH ADHESIVE last ?

latex free white glue
A:With correct using,MIRANDA LASH ADHESIVE can stick false eyelashes to eyelid for a whole daylight.

4.What is the shelf life for MIRANDA LASH ADHESIVE?
A: The shelf life for MIRANDA LASH ADHESIVE is one year.After the adhesive is opened,we suggest to use them up within three months.

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